Your telecommunications system needs to be reliable, your solutions need to be flawless—we work to make sure they are.

Here’s why we’re leaders in the industry…

Vertec provides specialized support for a roster of telecommunications clients. These support services include

  • coaxial cable sweeping
  • antenna orientation support and verification
  • supply of ancillary equipment for equipment installations
  • test bed availability for equipment failure diagnose
  • DC power plant maintenance

We also perform site audits (both market-wide and site-by-site) for clients interested in upgrades. Site audits are tailored to each client’s specific needs.

When you need expert technical personnel to ensure quality and/or inventory control, Vertec will give it to you. Our technical support team has in-depth knowledge, global experience, and is dominant in our approach to equipment installation and commissioning.

We develop test and acceptance procedures for equipment commissioning. Our procedures exceed manufacturers’ recommendations and are presented in a user-friendly format.

When you need an upgrade or have deficiencies that need correcting, we’ll look after it for you. We’ll even dispose of exhausted equipment. Isn’t that a relief?

And finally, we’ll provide your company with a preventative maintenance program.

All of this delivered on-time, at fair cost, and with quality above and beyond what you’d expect.